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Conveniently located in the shopping square at 236 W. Ojai Ave, Ste. #203, at the corner of Cañada St. and Ojai Ave. There’s an entrance facing Cañada St, as well as one facing the parking lot accessed from Blanche St.

At Frameworks of Ojai, we provide the finest in custom picture framing. With over 36 years experience, we can assist you with even your most challenging projects. Estimates are always free, so come in and let Kent, Marty, Joyce, or Gerry help you choose from our wide selection of molding, mat, fabric and glazing choices. We use archival quality materials to ensure that your artwork will last a lifetime. Whether you are a serious collector, or this is your first time using a custom framer, we have the expertise to help pinpoint the most appropriate design choices. Our reasonable prices and fast turnaround will surprise you.

ready-made frames

In addition to creating unique frames to the exact size of your artwork, we have dozens of ready-made frames in stock, in various finishes and sizes, up to 16″ x 20″.  We feature the sleek 100% acrylic  PRISMA frames. Conservation glass is included, and matting can be cut to fit your photo or document to a standard size, usually while you wait. Easel-backs can also be provided.

conservation framing

Archival BoxArtwork will last longest if it’s kept in a dark, pollution free, temperature controlled environment, but who will see it there? A frame enhances the look of your art, and allows you to display it, but it should also protect it from pollutants and the effects of ultra violet light.

Glazing Options

Conservation Glass is typically recommended for works on paper. It is manufactured with a coating which blocks UV light. This helps prevent fading of fugitive inks commonly used in posters and prints. It also helps keep the paper itself from deteriorating.Museum Glass
Nonglare Glass is etched on one side to diffuse reflected light. It is effective in preventing glare, but it does somewhat blur the image.
Museum Glass is manufactured with BOTH a conservation coating and an anti-reflective coating which greatly reduces glare, but is not necessarily 100% effective in all circumstances.Optium Museum Acrylic
Acrylic (plexiglass) is recommended for large works (over 36″ x 48″), or anything you plan to ship. Acrylic should not be used with pastel or charcoal drawings, because it’s inherent static charge will lift the pastel dust off the paper. It is available in regular clear, non-glare, conservation (uv filter), conservation non-glare, and Optium Museum Acrylic which is anti-reflective (but not blurry) uv filtering, anti-static, and scratch resistant. Like museum glass, it will not necessarily be reflection free in all circumstances. Glare depends on the angle of the light, the angle of viewing, and the darkness of the artwork.


About Mats

Fabric MatsThere are hundreds of mat boards available, in nearly every color. There are fabric boards in suede, linen and silk, there are embossed and patterned boards to simulate leather, marble, japanese paper, burlap, etc. However, from a conservation standpoint, all matboards are not created equal.

Decorative matboard — sold by most art supply stores, also referred to as paper mat board. This is often marketed as ‘acid-free’ because it is pH neutral at the time of manufacture. However, it will not remain acid-free unless the acidic component (lignin) has been removed from the wood pulp during the manufacturing process.
Lignin-free mat boards — these are generally considered archival, and they will remain acid-free. They are available in a wide range of colors, textures, and patterns. At Frameworks of Ojai, all our matboards are either archival or museum quality.
Museum boards — these are made from 100% cotton, which naturally contains minimal amounts of lignin, and are the best choice to protect valuable etchings, watercolors, and other artworks on paper. Colors are limited.
Rag matsDouble-thick or 8-ply mats add depth and provide more space between the art and glazing. Colors are limited.
Foamcore boards — commonly used to back artwork, normal foamcore you find at craft stores is not acid-free. We use foam boards which are not only acid-free, but specifically engineered to absorb air pollutants. Collectible artwork on paper should always be backed with museum board for maximum protection.

closed-corner frames

Leather Frame Sample Most custom picture frames are cut to size from a pre-finished length of molding. At Frameworks of Ojai, we also offer closed or finished-corner frames from a variety of makers. These frames are built to size before the finish is applied. This allows for hand carved designs, uniquely styled corners, ornaments, and even arched or tabernacle shaped frames. Leather and steel clad frames are also available, as well as solid acrylic frames in a wide variety of colors and textures. Lead time on closed corner frames is a minimum of 4 weeks, and can be twice that long, but they are worth the wait!

fine art

Currently Frameworks of Ojai is showing the work of intuitive artist Joyce Huntington, examples of which may be seen on her website, JoyceHuntingtonArt.com. We invite you to come in and see her work in person.